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Laser tube fracture, fall off

Now laser tube is applied to a lot of equipment, we also have access to the laser equipment in life, but because the laser tube itself is fragile, so if we are improper operation, can appear some problems; Of course, even the normal use of inevitable fracture, fall off these problems, let's look at the causes of the problem together.

1, if the water temperature control at 25 ℃ and 30 ℃, cooling water shall not be frozen cold regions, especially the laser after downtime, must not let water stored in the laser tube.

2, light is under the control of water conservation work; (will test the light on and off with water or not blinking)

3, the laser tube will have bubble.

4, water pipes have play down the phenomenon.

5, water pressure, water flow is normal; In the direction of flow is higher than that of low into.

If we check after the above several, if not check out the problem, that is the laser tube itself appeared quality problem, we have said above, laser tube is fragile, so it needs to work in a good working environment, otherwise, it is easy to produce the problem such as dirty, so we should pay attention to its work environment, avoid because the humidity of the air, dust, voltage etc exogenous caused by the laser equipment damage.

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