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Laser cutting machine in not of metal

Laser cutting machine should be paid attention to: if PLC failure, namely the ERROR of the indicator light on the PLC CPU module, please turn the key switch on the PLC from the RUN position to RESET, and then turn to the RUN position, if the ERROR, according to the lamp still have laser cutting machine, please record the data of PLC monitoring menu special coil and register, check with the manufacturer clean the dust cover in front of the computer. The backup data file, regularly to prevent data loss. Prudent use floppy disk, CD copy data to prevent transmission of computer viruses. Please regular killing a computer virus. When a failure occurs, please strictly in accordance with the provisions, check processing, laser cutting machine shall not be arbitrarily change electrical wiring or computer software. When a user is difficult to deal with the failure, please record the failure condition in detail and in a timely manner to contact us.

Laser cutting machine used currently have metal and nonmetal industries, in general, the comparison of non-metallic industry points meticulous, like cutting stone, stone cutting machine, water cutting machine, saw cutter, cut cloth and plastic, chemical fiber products with laser cutting machine, blade, laser cutting machine, cutting metal materials is a flame cutting, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine and CNC flame cutting machine, inside and manual of two categories, the category of the manual, small sports car, semi-automatic, pure manual, with CNC, interfingering lines nc cutter and so on!

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