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Laser cutting machine cutting speed

Add in the process of laser cutting and cut material suitable auxiliary gas. Steel cutting when using oxygen as auxiliary gas exothermic chemical reactions and molten metal oxide materials, at the same time help to blow away the slag in the slot. Cutting polypropylene plastic using compressed air, flammable materials such as cotton, paper cutting using inert gas. Auxiliary gas entering the nozzle cooling focusing lens, can prevent dust from entering the lens holder in pollution lens and cause the lens to overheat.

Laser cutting burr, buckling, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry, due to the microcomputer program control of modern laser cutting system to cut workpieces in different shapes and sizes, it often is better than cutting, moulding process is preferable; Although laser cutting processing speed is slower than die, but it has no mould cost, do not need to repair the mold, also save tool changing time, saving processing costs, reduce the production cost, so the overall consideration is more economical.

Effect of cutting speed and material cutting

CNC laser cutting machine in the choice of cutting when the cutting speed is also very important, the best cutting speed range can be selected according to equipment illustrate or use the trials to determine, due to the material thickness, material is qualitative different, high or low melting point, thermal conductivity size and the factors such as surface tension after the melting, cutting speed and the corresponding change.

Main performance:

1, moderately increase the cutting speed can improve the quality of incision, namely a slightly narrow incision, incision surface more smooth, and can reduce the deformation.

2, cutting too fast makes the cutting line energy is lower than the required quantity, slitting cutting jet will be fast enough to melt in the melt blowing off immediately after to form a larger amount of drag, accompanied by incision, hang slag notch surface quality decline.

3, when the cutting speed is too low, due to the anode is the plasma arc cutting, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself and the anode spots or anode area must near the nearest arc cutting seam find conduction current place, at the same time to jet flow of radial transfer more heat and thus make the incision width and incision on both sides of the molten material in bottom flange and solidified, form is not easy to clean, hang slag and incision on the edge formed by heat melt too much rounded corners.

4, when the speed is very low, because of the wide incision arc may even go out. Thus, good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.

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