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Laser engraving machine carved wood

Generally speaking, on the wood carving is commonly Yin carving, and carving depth requirement is usually more deep. Such power set is usually very high, if encounter a hard wood may make after carving graphics color is more deep. If want to let the color shallow some, you must increase the speed of engraving, tried to carve a few times more. Some wood is in the engraving will generate some lampblack is attached to the surface of wood, if the wood is already on the brush with paint can use wet cloth rub it carefully, if there is no paint on could't wipe clean, which can cause the finished surface soiled.

Wood carving is generally will have a feeling that is burning, wood is match with a primitive artistic beauty, its color depth is mainly to see the laser power and speed of engraving. But some wood is soft texture of the kind, no matter how you also can't change it's color (e.g., birch). For finished product color, can use propylene paint.

Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing materials, very easy to engraving and cutting. Light color wood like birch, cherry wood or maple is very easy to laser gasification, so it is more suitable for sculpture. Each wood panels production has its own characteristics, some dense some, such as hardwood, when engraving or cutting with laser power. We recommend not familiar carving wood, to study the characteristics of sculpture in the first place.

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