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Laser engraving cutting in advertising

At present, laser engraving machine processing way, in the advertising on the engraving and cutting; The main processing industry is the signs marking in the advertisement making, engraving and cutting of double color plate, organic glass cutting, wood cutting and carving, etc. Laser is a light, and it is obviously different from ordinary light is only in the original laser within a very short time depends on the spontaneous radiation, after this process is completely determined by the stimulated radiation, the color of the laser is very pure, therefore, almost no divergence of directional, high luminous intensity. Laser high coherence, high strength, high directivity, by the mirror after laser produced by laser transmission and gathered by exposure to the processing on the mirror, make processing (surface) by strong heat and temperature has increased dramatically, making this point quickly due to high temperature melting or vaporization, cooperate with the operation of the laser path so as to achieve the purpose of processing.
Engraving is mainly on the surface of the object. We first in PHOTOSHOP to carving graphics we need proper handling and translated into BMP format, and then in the special engraving cutting software open the graphics file. According to what we are processing the materials suitable for us to the appropriate parameter is set, and then click run, carving machine will according to the effect of lattice graphics file for engraving. In the advertising industry is mainly suitable for board, double color plate, organic glass, colored paper and other materials processing. On the edge of the cutting, we can understand as a separation. Processing of this purpose, we should first in CORELDRAw, AUTOCAD graphics to make line form, and then save as corresponding PLT, DxF format, open cutting operation software to open the file.
According to our processing parameters such as material, energy and speed setting can be run again. After received instructions from the computer cutting machine can produce flight path according to the software for automatic cutting. In the advertising industry is mainly suitable for board, double color plate, organic glass, colored paper and other materials processing, production of crystal words, stereoscopic trademarks, etc. Manual cutting. Manual cutting is mainly aimed at both graphics and effect model. Our advanced each for this way of processing. Carving process steps, and then selected to cut the edge in the engraving cutting software can achieve a goal. In the advertising industry is mainly used to do street signs, signs, signs such as indicative signs and arts and crafts. The application of laser engraving cutting in the advertising industry is developed in recent years, so should be compatible with the rapid development of advertising industry and its market potential is huge. Of course this also for our laser equipment manufacturing enterprises are opportunities and challenges. Improve the technology content, improve the running speed, improve the stability of the system, improve the accuracy of machining is we should occupy the market in the process of decision factors.


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