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Desktop Mini Laser Engrving machine SD-4040

Product Details:
Product Details:

SD4040 Mini laser engraving machine Range Of Application:
t is suitable for small area craft processing on wood, bamboo, double color board, rubber, acrylic, clothing and leather. It is specially designed for stamp, portrait, badges, chest cards and various small engraving and cutting.
Product Description:
◆High-speed USB offline control system. on this series ofma chine, framework Integrally designed, working stably,economical and practical type machine widely used.
◆Software completely compatible with AutoCAD.CoreDRAW etc. CAD. CAM and various photo processing software, original photo output directly. For engraved plate printing industry, based on original model, a function of full slope enables the easily-distorted parts such as small words,barcode to become more durable. Its excellent printing effect and printing precision could compare with flexible version, part of them could replace expensive soft resin version.
◆Equipped with high precision ball screw up-down working table, with smoke purifier system, little noise, the machine is the best choice of the middle and small size home workshop.


ModelSD-4040Mini laser engraving machine
Engraving area400*400mm

Laser type

CO2 Laser tube

Laser power


Engraving Speed

Cutting Speed600mm/s
Minimum Shaping Character1*1mm
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